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PROOF Cocktail & Catering Can work one of a few different ways when it comes to the liquor, beer and mixers

  • A brochure from the bottle shop will be given to you. All selections can be made by you. PROOF Cocktail & Catering will pick up everything and only open my bottles of liquor that are asked to be open. The unopened bottles of liquor and wine will be returned and not charged to your credit card. That being said, all opened bottles of liquor and wine will be charged and left at the event. Unfortunately beer cannot go back into stock and will be charged. PROOF Cocktail & Catering will bring basic mixers for your event.
  • You can pick and choose if you would like a few items of the brochure and purchase other items on your own. This is a popular choice for many events.
  • You can purchase everything on your own and PROOF Cocktail & Catering will assist you in your selections quantity and quality. It just depends on how hands-on you want to be with your event.
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You may already know PROOF Cocktail & Catering is licensed and insured and takes pride in being professional, well groomed and masters behind the bar. PROOF Cocktail & Catering bartenders also come from behind the bar to alleviate stress at the bar. Let us show you PROOF Cocktail & Catering is the best.

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